The T type tent (soft-walled shelter) is a multi-purpose modular system with external frame. Set-up and fold-down is quick and easy, without additional specific tools.

Its versality allows it to be used for various applications such as Command Post (TOC), Field Camps, Field Hospitals, CBRN Decontamination units or CBRN collective protection systems (COLPRO) camps, which allows a good standardization within the differents Army Corps and Units.

Different T type tents (with different dimensions) can stuck together thanks to its integrated system of frontal and lateral connexions around the doors.

Actually we can emphase its logistics benefits : reduced weight and volume for an easier transport, handling, storage and assembly / disassembly.

T18: useful surface 3x6= 18m2
T36: useful surface 6x6= 36m2
T56: useful surface 9x6= 54m2